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DIME Awards 2023, 3rd place in “Best Search Marketing”

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In particular, he participated in the category "Best Search Marketing” and won third place for the service SEO offered in the d-elastikashop.gr online store of Mr. Aristidis Dimitriou.First place was awarded to its advertising team Vodafone for the services it offers to the same company, while the second place was taken by the Plaisio.Our team participation in these awards had the following goals:
  • To highlight the high quality of our work.
  • To promote the business D elastika.
We often notice that large online stores enjoy the largest share of advertising exposure, while small and medium-sized businesses make great efforts without succeeding in promoting their brand. It is fair that the very big brands take the biggest share, however it is also important for the smaller online stores to be heard and express their potential. 

What did D elastika win at this year's awards?

  1. 1. It entered a "wedge" in 2 big brands, but also in other brands that were ultimately left out of the awards in this category.
  2. 2. The business owner, photographed and exchanged views and ideas with other businesses such as the Marketing Manager of the Alpha radio station.
  3. 3. An extroversion was thus created by the appearance of photographic material on Social Media. 
4. Registered in the e-shop d-elastikashop.gr the award badge and will be seen by all visitors who navigate to it. imbnet_dime_awards_2023 5. It still attracted a strong audience, as the success was announced at Marketing Week and to Daily Fax, two of the most popular ezines followed by marketing and advertising professionals.
imbnet_dime_awards_marketing_week imbnet_dime_awards_dailyfax Finally, we would like to thank the Dime Awards 2023 and the jury for awarding our project. 
Also, we would like to sincerely thank Mr. Dimitriou for his many years of trust and choosing ΙMBNet
Our partnership has always been excellent and we appreciate the opportunity we have been given to contribute to the success of his business. 
We are very happy that our work is recognized and appreciated by such notable bodies. 
We continue to do our best to provide the highest standards of our services.