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We love finding clever messages and strategies for your business ads. We 're trying to make our work as valuable as your brand is.

We are a complete Digital Agency that focuses on strategy, design, content & technology.

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Google Ads

As certified Google partners, we offer high-performance campaigns using the most modern paid advertising methods and tools.

Our approach to managing Google Ads accounts is daily and people-centric. With the help of sophisticated automation, we provide full information about the results to our customers and we maintain the Google Ads service at a high level.

We make the most of your advertising budget. We have a way of exploiting the data we collect and using proven strategies.

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Search Engine

Our team has been recognized and awarded for the effective SEO tactics we adopt, resulting in our clients achieving significant growth in their customer base and overall online reputation.

Our team consists of passionate SEO experts ready to design the best possible SEO strategy for your business.

Through the cooperation between us you will achieve an increase in sales and clientele, optimization of the UI / UX of your website, you will learn who is the audience you should address and of course you will strengthen the reputation of your brand.

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Social Media

Marketing through Social Networks is something more complex than a simple post on Instagram. You will surely have realized it yourself. While trying to increase your advertising performance through Social Media you find that you are wasting time and money!

What's wrong?

Algorithms, competitors and apathy stand between you and their attention.

That's why we are! We'll study your audience, competition, products or services and get them interested without draining your advertising spend.

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Branding, Graphics
& Digital UI/UX

First of all we study your business, understand the needs, the style and the style you want to project.

Our team creates the most representative visuals, fashionable, luxurious and playful to attract the audience's interest.

In addition, we create your brand and think for you clever slogans, taglines designing the logo that will dominate the online & offline environment.

All our aesthetic applications such as logo, social media banners, advertisements will have a common line and make your business stand out from the crowd.

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Web Design
& Development

Our team consists of graphic designers and web developers with specialized experience in building websites.

We build websites that focus on increasing conversions (sales, clientele, etc.) and stand out for their aesthetic approach!

We deal with Open Source software such as WordPress, Shopify and Open Cart to develop our websites.

We pay attention to detail while maintaining and updating the websites we build to ensure they stay updated and up-to-date.

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Video marketing has become a popular and effective method of promotion for businesses in recent years.

This communication trend is one of the most popular promotional tools as it resonates with the social media audience and beyond.

Our team undertakes to create impressive content with high resolution and catchy slogans appealing to the audience.

In combination with our knowledge and experience in Social Media - Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and Youtube, we create strategies that adapt to your needs.

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Let's start growing your business!


Homemakers is a construction company that has been active in the field of renovations for the last 20 years in the Attica area.

More specifically, undertakes renovations of houses, apartments and detached houses. Individual renovations of spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens, offices, etc.

Homemakers' main goals were to grow their clientele and create an attractive online presence.

Then, after achieving these primary goals, enhancing Brand Awareness was set as a major challenge.

At first, we provided advice and guidance to the company in order to make the decision to rebuild the existing website, as well as to create a complete content.

Then we created some "tempting" renovation packages to attract the interest of visitors through various offers!

In terms of advertising, we used Google Ads in order to immediately increase traffic and generate leads for the business. At the same time, we provided SEO optimization and Social Media management.

Since the first month, the business has increased leads and launched two renovations. This was very encouraging going forward.

Every month, conversions continued to increase, while we made improvements to the site according to customer needs, based on the feedback we received.

From the first month, the company saw an increase in leads. Customers contacted the company on a daily basis to get a renovation cost estimate.

With each passing month there was a gradual 20% increase in leads.

The SEO strategy contributed significantly to the increase in traffic, boosting both leads and Brand Awareness now.

The results were impressive from the first year and the company was ranked in the first organic results for the main keywords such as renovations, home renovation, bathroom renovation and many more in Greece.

The IMBNet team's partnership with Homemakers is in its 6th year.

This year we started the video marketing service which will increase the engagement of Social Media. In this way, the quality work carried out by Homemakers will be highlighted more. At the same time, the number of followers of the company on Social Media will increase significantly.