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The duration of building a website depends on several factors, such as whether it is an online store or a business presentation website, the complexity of the project, the number of features that need to be added, and the cooperation between the parties involved. Also, the availability of information and material from the customer affects the delivery time.

Typically, small websites (1 - 3 subpages) can be built in 1 week, while more complex projects, such as corporate websites with many features, may require up to 3 weeks.

The construction of an e-shop usually takes 6 weeks.

It is important to clearly define your needs and contact the website building experts for a more accurate estimate of the time required for your project.

To make an appointment with us, you have three options:

1. Visit our offices at Koritsas 24, Nea Chalkidona - Philadelphia, Attica.

2. Online meeting via Google Meet or another application.

3. Visit to your premises, if you are within Attica.

Please choose the method that is convenient for you and contact us to schedule your appointment.

Web Design

Business and Services Presentation Websites.


Building Eshops using CMS Shopify, OpenCart & Woocommerce.

Advertising campaigns:

PPC Marketing


Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Design and Creativity:

Graphic Design

Creative Content

Advertising Platforms:

Google Ads

Influencer Marketing

We also provide other services that belong to the broader field of online advertising. We are here to cover every need related to the visibility and successful presentation of your business online.

Our team consists of 14 skilled people, each with a great appetite and thirst to respond to the most demanding projects.

Most of the team members have more than 4 years of experience and have been actively working for life. Each member brings their experience and skills to the table, striving for the highest quality and efficiency in every project.

IMBNet was founded in February 2013 and since then has successfully implemented over 550 projects.

One of the most important moments of our journey was winning 3rd place at the Dime Awards 2023, in the Best Search Marketing category. In the same event, the first place belongs to Vodafone, while the second to Plaisio Computer.

It is particularly satisfying that this success becomes even more important, as our collaboration with the small business of Dimitrios Elastika (d-elastikashop.gr) in 2014, evolved into a successful presence and dominance on the internet, contributing to the development of its clientele.

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