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Shopify Eshop Development

IMBnet is the Digital Marketing Agency specialized in Shopify eshop Construction in Greece. Take advantage of the most advanced online store creation platform to sell your products online.

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  • UI/UX Design
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Support
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What is Shopify?

Shopify is an open source, fast-growing e-commerce platform founded in 2006 in Ottawa, Canada. It's already 18 years in business with a wild rise over the past 10 years.

Shopify's CMS (Content Management System) platform offers businesses a range of services, including payment, marketing, shipping and customer engagement tools.

It is worth noting that the rapid growth of Shopify is based on the increase in sales of online retailers who trusted and invested in Shopify.

Globally over 1.58 million websites have been built running on the Shopify platform as of 2021 and in around 175 countries.

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Building a Shopify online store

Our team consists of Shopify developers, who are specialized in building eshops with Shopify.

We ensure that we meet the needs and expectations of our customers by creating a great online store.

We take advantage of its numerous features, constantly study new innovations in order to offer the best Shopify store to our customers.

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Shopify Web Design

Specializing in Shopify, we create custom graphics that capture the personality of your business. Let us customize the Theme we recommend and transform it into a unique visual experience that will perfectly match your e-shop!

Every detail is taken into account to create a visual design that will highlight the identity of your business and impress your visitors. Let us create the perfect combination of colors, iconography and elements that will engage your audience.

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Navigation Experience

The UI/UX of our online store is designed with the aim of achieving your business goals, which are none other than increasing sales.

It is important to mention that we do not just create an attractive layout, but we seek to provide a satisfactory experience to the user from the moment he enters until the completion of the purchase.

The satisfaction we feel when your e-shop performs and manages to convert visitors into buyers is priceless.

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Trusted Checkout

Secure and visitor-friendly, fully responsive on mobile devices, designed to simplify checkout and reduce cart abandonment.

Adapts to aesthetics by changing color and appearance.

It is a powerful and reliable checkout solution, combined with reliable means of payment such as Paypal, VivaWallet, EveryPay.

It also provides the confidence to the prospective buyer to proceed with the payment without hesitation.

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Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting technology is the newest generation of web hosting. Shopify offers 24/7 secure hosting.

Indeed, it is the only CMS that makes us especially happy for the unlimited hosting possibilities, but also for the confidence in the security levels.

The most important points are the unlimited bandwidth, PCI level 1 compliance for the security of the personal data of your visitors and the impressive speed in navigation.

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Support 24/7

Shopify provides continuous support via email, phone and live chat, so you can get any question or problem resolved immediately.

The 24/7 support that Shopify provides is one of its key features that distinguishes the platform from other e-shop creation option platforms.

As your business operates in the digital space, it is essential that you have constant support at your disposal in order to effectively deal with any problem or question that may arise.

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Sales Channels Integration

With Shopify, boosting your sales through the most popular advertising channels becomes a breeze.

Leave the problems with feeds and links behind and focus on the best practices to increase your sales.

Shopify's innovative interface and integration of product catalogs save you time and convenience. You can quickly create a Google Merchant Center account and successfully promote your products in Performance Max campaigns.

Eshop Cost & projects

It's time to take your business to the next level! Explore our projects in the eshop construction service.


It's time to take your business to the next level! Explore our projects in the eshop construction service.

To calculate your budget, we have prepared some packages related to eshop construction. Discover them now!

What will you need to build an eshop?

We are here to help you create your own professional eshop and attract new customers to your business. To begin your journey into the world of e-commerce, you will need the following items:
Define the goal and purpose of your eshop. Think about what kind of products or services you will offer and which audience you want to reach.
Eshop platform

Choose a reliable platform for your eshop. At IMBnet, we use the advanced Shopify platform to create the ideal eshop for you.

Build & Design
Our team will create a unique and attractive design for your eshop, adapted to the image and characteristics of your business.
Photos & Content
You will need quality photos and text that highlight your products or services in the best possible way.
Complete Directory
Create a comprehensive catalog of the products or services you offer, including descriptions, pricing and availability information.
Personalized Support
Our team will always be by your side, offering personalized support and technical assistance for your eshop.


The cost of implementing an e-shop depends on several factors, as we mentioned above. The most important factors that we control, in order to create our financial offer, are the following:

– How big or small is the tree of your main categories, subcategories, filters and product attributes,

– If there is already an e-shop, measures will need to be taken for the smooth transfer of SEO, so that the existing organic ranking is not lost,

-If you need a custom design (prototype) or if you use a template of your choice,

– If your products are bulky, you will need to configure transport costs based on volume or weight, so that you do not lose profit from transport costs.

- You may need your transport costs to be calculated based on the respective region in Greece or abroad. Conditions will then be created based on the zip code.

There is no doubt that the percentage of people buying online is increasing!

According to the research statistics for October 2022 by Focus Bari and Plushost, Greeks spend, on average, €644 in physical stores and €510 for online purchases.

It is necessary to point out that 76% of Greeks do their shopping online.

Many times, even if someone does not shop online, they will find the product they are interested in and visit the physical store to buy it.

Businesses now need a more omnichannel model that will boost their sales and create greater extroversion.

Thanks to the online store, a business can sell its products to a wider range of people than in the local market to which it belongs.

Despite all that, not all businesses are profitable for their presence on the internet. That is why it is good to carry out a study from the beginning, before the entry of a business into the electronic advertising world.

If you are starting the search for a company to build an eshop for the first time, you are surely wondering if it is worth entering the e-commerce space after all.

Many times you yourself use the internet to make purchases and other actions, such as making a bank transaction, reading a useful article, downloading a document through gov and to communicate with loved ones.

Apart from these daily conveniences offered by the internet, it has greatly helped the marketers to promote their products to the prospective customers by increasing the annual turnover as well.

Our own position on whether it is worth opening an online store is that globally 56% of companies gather their net profits with e-commerce. We are in favor of creating an eshop as long as your products are suitable for promotion via the internet.

For better or for worse, not all products can be sold online, or at least not all are sold with the same frequency.

Shopify has all the modern and widely used payment methods, including:

Payment by Cash on Delivery

Payment upon receipt from the store

Payment via bank deposit

Payment via PayPal

Payments by credit card such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay, etc.

The process of implementing and supporting cards in your online store is completed within 1 day without waiting for the approval of the banks for the interface.

At IMBNet we always try to deliver our e-shops in a reasonable time, always sticking to the schedule we will agree together, as we understand how important they are to businesses.

It should also be noted that we prioritize quality and then the speed of implementation of the e-shop.

The following tasks play an important role in the implementation time, such as:

If we need to create a corporate identity

If we migrate from another Cms

The interface of your e-shop with commercial systems (ERP)

The waiting time for the approval with the banking branch of your choice

If you do not need the above actions and Viva Wallet is used as a payment method with a credit-debit card, your eshop will be ready in about 20 working days.

There is no doubt that poor navigation speed in an e-shop can be fatal for increasing sales.

All of us, when navigating a website, want our route to be short because otherwise we get tired and treat the e-shop as "badly built", thus losing our trust and consequently heading towards the "exit door".

There are some free online tools that you can browse and see how your website speed is performing.

You can test with gtmetrix or Google's pagespeed.web.dev.


The reviews, whether positive or negative, always concern us and make us better!

The best professionals in building and promoting a website. They have the best prices on the market and incredible technical support. I highly recommend them. They deserve more than 5 stars.


Εξαιρετικοι.Παντα διπλα στην εταιρια μας.homemakers


Quality, Immediacy, Professionalism! Congratulations in public for your very beautiful and creative team! As many times as I need you, you always respond immediately with professionalism and with tangible results in what you offer!


The best guys in the area!! Always there and always willing for anything! Thank you for your support and "running"!!! Stay like this!


In today's age, if you are not a professional in what you do, you will not achieve anything worthwhile in your professional career. The man who has created this extraordinary team is so worthy that success in his life is a given.


Perfect partners, excellent professionals, we recommend him without reservation!


I asked them to make me a website and the result was beyond my expectations! Both in the speed of service and in their modern aesthetics! They knew what you needed without you telling them! I recommend them without reservation!!!


Η IMBnet εκπόνησε τη δημιουργία του νέου site της οδοντιατρικής κλινικής μας στο Κολωνάκι.Επαγγελματισμος συνέπεια και ευγένεια χαρακτηρίζουν όλη την ομάδα η οποία υπερβάλει όντως εαυτόν προκειμένου να παράξει ένα τέλειο αποτέλεσμα.Οντας και ιδιοκτήτης κλινικής στη Ζυρίχη, χαίρομαι ιδιαιτέρως όταν τέτοιες ελληνικές ...



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