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PPC Ads Management

Full Service PPC / Google Ads Management

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  • Google Analytics 4
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Reports
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Convert CLICKS into customers!

Raise the visibility and profitability of your business as it deserves!

IMBnet team has been creating Pay Per Click campaigns since 2013 having achieved great achievements for the businesses they have undertaken.

When someone asks us what awards we have won, we show them results of small businesses or shops that managed to be among the first in growth in their industry!

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Google Ads Campaigns Formats

Search Campaign

Display Network

Performance Max (Youtube, gmail, search, display, maps)

Dynamic Search Ads

Smart Search - Location Ads

YouTube Ads

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Audience Creation

We collect and group your business's target audience such as:

1. Allwebsite_Visitors 30days

2. Google Ads visitors

3. Based on interests

and other audiences based on the needs that will arise.

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Conversion Tracking

We create tracking rules to detect the movements of visitors, buyers and optimize the performance of our ads. More specifically, we create:

1. Purchase conversion

2. Abandoned Cart

3. Call Conversion

4. Form Conversion

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META Ads Campaigns Formats

1. Image

Facebook & Instagram Feed (ADS)

2. Video

Facebook & Instagram Reels (ADS)

3. Carousel

Facebook & Instagram Feed Dynamic Catalog (ADS)

4. Collection

Facebook & Instagram Feed Dynamic Catalog (ADS)

What does technical support of advertisements include?

PPC Optimization

PPC optimization aims to maximize advertising performance. Trust us, we will make it!


Research & study

We inform you about the trend of the market and the competition.

Errors - Suspends

We resolve high critical issues such as account suspension, ad rejection and contact Google & Meta central support.

Spend Budget

We split the budget so you get the best possible performance.

Setting up new features

We are constantly updating about new functions and features, so that we can include them in your account.

Interfacing platforms

We monitor and connect platforms such as Google Analytics 4, Google Tag Manager, Google Merchant Center, Business Manager, Ads Manager.

Set up Usability tools

We set up all conversion tracking to accurately track data and make improvements.


Our ads engage the user

Bounce Rate

The landing page meets the needs


We increase the percentage of advertising investment

Spend Budget

Every € we invest is not wasted.


We hold meetings either online or in person to keep you up to date on advertising developments and discuss upcoming goals.


Through our collaboration, you will discover how advertising really works in your business and how it contributes to its growth.

We will train you on how to track results through Google Analytics, providing you with valuable knowledge on how to use it effectively.

Send data

We will send you the most important data that we think you should know (via e-mail). You will also receive our monthly assessment of your overall progress and development.

PPC Reporting

We use advanced analytics tools to provide you with information about your advertising development.

The reviews, whether positive or negative, always concern us and make us better!

The best professionals in building and promoting a website. They have the best prices on the market and incredible technical support. I highly recommend them. They deserve more than 5 stars.


Εξαιρετικοι.Παντα διπλα στην εταιρια μας.homemakers


Quality, Immediacy, Professionalism! Congratulations in public for your very beautiful and creative team! As many times as I need you, you always respond immediately with professionalism and with tangible results in what you offer!


The best guys in the area!! Always there and always willing for anything! Thank you for your support and "running"!!! Stay like this!


In today's age, if you are not a professional in what you do, you will not achieve anything worthwhile in your professional career. The man who has created this extraordinary team is so worthy that success in his life is a given.


Perfect partners, excellent professionals, we recommend him without reservation!


I asked them to make me a website and the result was beyond my expectations! Both in the speed of service and in their modern aesthetics! They knew what you needed without you telling them! I recommend them without reservation!!!


Η IMBnet εκπόνησε τη δημιουργία του νέου site της οδοντιατρικής κλινικής μας στο Κολωνάκι.Επαγγελματισμος συνέπεια και ευγένεια χαρακτηρίζουν όλη την ομάδα η οποία υπερβάλει όντως εαυτόν προκειμένου να παράξει ένα τέλειο αποτέλεσμα.Οντας και ιδιοκτήτης κλινικής στη Ζυρίχη, χαίρομαι ιδιαιτέρως όταν τέτοιες ελληνικές ...



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