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Web Design & Development

With us you will get a reliable WordPress website adapted 100% to your needs.

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  • UI/UX Design
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • SEO
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Web Design

Website building represents your brand and your business. It can greatly improve sales and expand your customer base.

In order to get an effective website, it is good to turn to a website construction company that has experience and is made up of a set of specialized professionals.

The website building necessarily needs a digital marketer who will plan the strategy and guide the graphic department regarding UI/UX. Then they will take over developers who will implement what they see in the layout and program any applications and mechanisms.

Finally, the hosting technician will configure the website to be in cyberspace and have optimal loading speed.

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Types of Web pages

Company websites: Whether you have a small or a large business, it is essential to have a website to showcase your services. Also, you can display your space (if necessary), or your staff. This way you will show that you are a trustworthy business and your prospective customers will feel that they are dealing with a professional in your field.

E-commerce websites (e-shop): They are the websites that have checkout, cart and explanatory display of products. If you have a business that sells products, you definitely need an e-shop and not another type of website. It is enough to find the best platform (CMS), which meets your own requirements.

Portfolio Websites: If you are a photographer, fashion designer, model and anything that has to do with showcasing your work then you need a portfolio website. Essentially you will show your portfolio through structured photos, galleries and videos. The website is built in such a way that it has a high loading speed and enough space on the server, as it is necessary to store all your files & projects.

Landing page or destination page: It is the best possible form of website to achieve a goal! It is usually a single website structure that promotes a service or product for a short period of time in a promotional style. It is quite self-explanatory and creates a dynamic style, with the ultimate goal of converting the largest number of visitors into customers!

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Web Design Services

IMBnet has invested in specialized human resources and in modern equipment, in order to offer the best quality services to its customers, related to the construction of websites.

We are constantly training in new methods and software that will contribute more to the final result for our clients.

More specifically, the services we provide are the following:

1. Custom WordPress Design

2. Content Creation

3. Seo Optimization

4. Plugin Functionality

5. Responsive Design

6. Ecommerce Functionality

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Website Management & Support

Of course we can manage your website! Our team considers their support essential, as in order to always have a professional website, it should be secure, functional and updated as intended.

In addition to the construction of web pages, IMBnet has created a support department whose goal is to immediately serve the requests of its customers.

The most important of the actions we carry out are the following:

- Plugin maintenance & upgrade, core updates

- Website security check

- Adding content such as photo-video

- Design of new subpages

- Adding articles

- Changes to the price list

- User experience monitoring

- Website functionality check

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7 basic steps for building websites

First, we will schedule a meeting which can be online or in person. There we will check all the project requirements and set your business goals. Additionally, we will collect information about the services you provide and the products you offer.

It is important for us that the website pleases you and not only satisfies your business needs. For this reason, we discuss the design you like, so that our designers can adapt the aesthetic part to your taste.

So our steps are the following:

1. We study, analyze and discover your services

2. We adopt a marketing strategy

3. We design the website

4. We implement the development

5. The final check is carried out

6. We present the website to you

7. We upload your new site On Air

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Building cost

Below we will analyze some factors that determine the final cost of building a website.

Website size

When it comes to website size, we mean how many subpages we have to create in addition to the homepage. This depends on the number of services you will present online and that you offer as a business.

Is the cost of a website with 5 subpages different from a website with 30 subpages? The implementation time multiplies, thus also the final construction cost.

Website Content

The content of your website must be sufficient, understandable and meet the needs of your own customers. Our team can take over the entire creation of the content, or if you have your content ready, we can contribute so that the final result is excellent.

Specialized Mechanisms

It may be that for your own business there is a need to implement some extra mechanism. If, for example, you have a rent a car business, a booking mechanism will be implemented - a car reservation and checkout system to make payments.

An additional mechanism can be a calendar, where, in order to plan the online meeting, its repayment needs to have been made. Such and many other mechanisms can be implemented after consultation, but they increase the final construction cost.

More foreign languages

You can display your own site only in the Greek version, when you attract Greeks. If, however, you need to attract foreigners, it is good that your site is bilingual. However, there are not few times when there is a need for more than 2 languages. The more versions we want to include in your website, the higher the implementation cost.

See our packages in detail here

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Completion time

Our team will start organizing the project as soon as it reaches an agreement with you. Implementation time depends on the size of your website. A website with 4 subpages will be created in a week. Whereas a website that has 25 subpages, it will take about a month.

The project manager always makes sure that the delivery of the project is done as we have agreed from the beginning.

Portfolio & Website Pricing

It's time to take your business to the next level! Explore our projects in the web development service.


It's time to take your business to the next level! Explore our projects in the web development service.

To calculate your budget, we have prepared some packages related to the building of websites. Discover them now!


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