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Terms of Use

This website www.imbnet.gr complies with the applicable national legislation as well as the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Before taking any action, please read this text.

This data protection policy concerns only IMBNET and the services it offers.

It is forbidden to copy or republish this text in any way except with the written consent of IMBNET. In case of copying or incorrect use, IMBNET bears no responsibility for any consequences that may arise, and has the right to take legal action against anyone responsible.


Since your personal information is valuable to us, this policy helps our customers, both existing and future, to know how any personal data is collected and where it is used, as well as how and to what extent you can influence the how we will handle your data. In case you do not agree with this policy you should not start or stop any business cooperation with IMBNET.

This policy does not apply to the data management process carried out by third-party application manufacturers such as Google or Facebook.

We assume that you know basic terms such as what is personal data, what is described in the GDPR, what are your rights in relation to the regulation, etc. In case you do not know them, we recommend that you refer to the corresponding sources for your information. The purpose of this policy is to inform you about our actions in connection with the regulation towards our customers and not to describe or explain the regulation.

Methods of Data Collection

– Every time you visit our websites https://www.imbnet.gr and https://members.imbnet.gr your IP is recorded on our servers for a period of approximately two to three months, unless deemed appropriate for special reasons to be maintained for more.

– The information we collect is anonymous, except for the contact forms, where we ask for specific information (such as: first name, last name, address, phone, email) to contact you, which are not kept in the form or on our website https: //www.imbnet.gr but are transferred to our email. From there, after processing, they are deleted after being transferred to a safe place as communication history and cannot be accessed by third parties.

– The page https://members.imbnet.gr stores personal information such as name, address, telephone number, email as well as the services you have with us and their history.Through it you can be informed about the above information as well as communicate with the technical department and the developer department through support requests. Communication is via an SSL certificate on all our pages which provides full encryption of the data you exchange. You are also responsible for the integrity of your data and you should securely maintain your login credentials in your data management environment such as Username and Password. From our side, we have taken all the necessary measures recommended by the manufacturer of the application as well as from the server side for its safe operation and the safeguarding of your data.

Our website https://www.imbnet.gr uses Google Analytics as well as cookies in order to manage information that is necessary for the marketing of our company as well as for your smooth navigation. During your navigation on our websites, anonymous data such as IP may be recorded by third parties such as Google or Facebook.

In conclusion we would like to assure you that we will not use your personal or anonymous information that we collect and under no circumstances may the company share your personal information with others without your prior consent, unless this is required through legal means (such as in the case of a court decision).

About the IP address

The recording of the IP address during a visit to our websites

It is considered necessary, since in addition to the recording of the movements that take place in them, it is also done in case of recording unwanted activity. In case of misuse of the information on our websites or in an attempt to disseminate it, the IP will be used in order to provide information to the competent authorities for criminal prosecution of those responsible. Nevertheless, this recording does not collect your personal information which could directly identify you without the intervention of the Competent Authorities.

Google Analytics – Cookies

The Marketing team of our company uses services such as Google Analytics as well as Facebook's advertising services in order to record the traffic on our websites as a result of which we record and daily improve the user experience and become more accurate about the services we offer.


Cookies are small files that store information on your computer, about the page you visit and helps your computer to "personalize" in some way, this visit, to save preferences, making your browsing the next time you visit this particular page, easier. We use such cookies as well as Marketing cookies.

In case you no longer wish to save the history of cookies in your browser, you can delete them. All browsers have provided procedures and settings for deleting history and cookies.

General use of information, contact forms, etc.

Regarding the contact details you send us through forms as well as via e-mail, they are used only for our communication with you, as well as for tax purposes, such as issuing documents or registering your services in the Customer Portal (https://members.imbnet .gr) which is your personal account, which you maintain with IMBNET. In case of interruption of the provision of our services to you, the specific tab is locked, however you do not have the right to request its deletion, since this is not allowed purely for tax reasons, and for as long as required by tax legislation.

During the period of time you remain as a customer, you have the right to ask IMBNET to change the particulars. In some cases, supporting documents may be requested to make this change, such as e.g. change of VAT number.

We note that the specific information is not shared with third parties without your prior consent, unless this is required by legal means (such as in the case of a court order).

Data Security & Servers

Our Servers are kept in secure Data Centers. Nevertheless, their physical control cannot be done by us outside of the machines that we have in full possession. Their programming process is done with all the prescribed procedures and all the necessary security measures are taken to protect them from Hacking actions.

IMBNET has, in collaboration with each Data Center, 24-hour monitoring procedures and also monitoring programs for any problem that may arise.

Nevertheless, it is completely different from the security of your website or your e-shop. Corresponding security measures should also be taken on your part, such as firewalls, security certificates, code scanning programs, etc. in order to preserve their integrity.

Access to the servers is done with encryption procedures, double codes and other forms of security with the aim of keeping them as safe as possible.

IMBNET staff are classified with respect to their access and are only given access to points deemed necessary to carry out the work.

With regard to maintenance on our clients' servers or sites, in the event of a maintenance contract, the client has specific access and is included in the same classification. In case of termination of the contract or release of our company from this service, these codes are delivered and automatically IMBNET ceases to bear any responsibility.

Data Security And Support

In the case of an active support package, IMBNET has access to your passwords as well as your personal information such as Facebook, Google Accounts, etc. They are managed and stored using all the prescribed security methods, such as security applications with a central locking code, which is respectively subject to graded access.

During our cooperation, information is exchanged regarding various elements that may indirectly or directly identify you or your business. After the immediate processing of the data, it is securely stored in case it is deemed appropriate for future use and immediately after the destruction of the means of transmission, e.g. Email or SMS.

Facilities Infrastructure

IMBNET facilities have full building and digital security as well as data exchange encryption. The computers are in a secure environment while their programs and operating systems are fully updated as well as protected with local and perimeter firewalls. In the event of an attempt to enforce or destroy the data, it is possible to reproduce it through encrypted backup systems carried out with special software, applying encryption algorithms that have so far been impossible to break.


Data security, let alone personal information, is a daily effort and does not stop at certain measures. We are constantly updating our facilities with new measures and upgrading old systems with more modern ones. Nevertheless, data security is two-way, since the same data is owned and managed most of the time by the customer, with very few exceptions. That is why we recommend some guidelines to protect you and your personal information.

– Access to your data areas and your details is done by computers that are in your possession or by accredited personnel and not by third parties, even from your family or relatives such as e.g. young children.

– Your computing devices that access your data contain programs legally installed with all the latest updates as well as protection programs against viruses, trojans and firewalls.

– We do not share the codes, even temporarily, with people who are not related to our work. If this is not possible to maintain and you are forced to share your passwords with third parties, then you should change your password immediately afterwards.

– Do not retain e-mail or SMS messages containing your personal information or information of third parties.

– Apply double verification methods where possible.

– Your computing devices that access your data contain programs legally installed with all the latest updates as well as protection programs against viruses, trojans and firewalls.

– We do not share the codes, even temporarily, with people who are not related to our work. If this is not possible to maintain and you are forced to share your passwords with third parties, then you should change your password immediately afterwards.

– Do not retain e-mail or SMS messages containing your personal information or information of third parties.

– Apply double verification methods where possible.

– Keep sensitive information in a secure place, where only you or your accredited personnel will have access, which is safe in the event of hacking or other malicious activity to the extent possible.

- Inform your partners immediately of any change in your basic contact information such as email, phone, address, etc.

– Immediately inform IMBNET of any action you deem suspicious and may violate your personal data.

– Protect your network around the perimeter with reliable devices such as routers, firewalls, etc.

The terms of this policy may be changed or supplemented in the effort us to comply with the applicable institutional framework.

Customer Portal – Service Management

IMBNET has a system for recording and updating services regarding expiration dates as well as their costs. This system is located at the url https://members.imbnet.gr.

All customers can access there for information on the above. According to this system, the customer is informed about the annual services one month in advance, while for the monthly services, approximately 5 days, by issuing and sending a proforma invoice, which describes the service, the dates and the cost.

From the release onwards there are about 2 to 3 updates until the expiry date. If you do not renew the services, the system first deactivates the service and after a period of time, which does not exceed one month in most cases, but also in less in some services, deletes it.

We would like to ask you to pay special attention to these service termination warning emails because they are not monitored but are automated. IMBNET does not inform by telephone about the termination of these services.

If you have already proceeded to pay the amount, you should inform the company by email either to office@imbnet.gr or to it@imbnet.gr, attaching a copy of the payment.

Payment must be made at least 5 days before the due date, otherwise there is a possibility that the update will not be made in time. If the service is not renewed in time, especially for domains, there are extra charges, which in some cases exceed €100.

In the case of the hosting service, if it exceeds 1 month from the expiration date, the files are completely deleted and for restoring them, when this is possible, the cost is quite high while in some others it is impossible. Therefore there is a risk of permanently deleting the data without the possibility of recovery.

For the cases of Social Media support, if the service ends, the work stops being carried out with implications for their proper operation and, by extension, the promotion of the business. As for the promotion services through Google AdWords, the ads as well as the setup are deactivated and by extension deleted and for the reset there is a new initial cost.

The messages are sent to the email you have registered with the company for communication.

Finally, you have registered an email and a phone number in this account. In case these details change, you should inform us in time so that we can update your account in time. As you have already been informed, sensitive data reaches this email and mobile phone. If you have not updated your account in time, then there is a serious possibility that this data will end up in the hands of third parties. In this case IMBNET bears no responsibility.

LAST UPDATE 03/14/2020