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6o Hercules 2024

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Yesterday was the end of the 6th Hercules, the biggest physique competition that takes place in Greece!

The organizer of the competition for many years is Kostas Stamatis, founder of the company RGNS – nutritional supplements, and announcer of the competition.

The event took place at the Novotel Hotel and set a record attendance! Despite the large space, the hall was packed, creating an atmosphere of noble rivalry. There all the male and female athletes gave their best and were in incredible shape!

Many characterized the competition as the best of the last decade, thanks to the excellent organization and the warm presence of the public.

The event was attended by important athletes such as Michalis Zambidis, the president of the federation Tassos Koligionis, and the real battle for the title was held between Alibakis and Mousounidis, two super athletes from Thessaloniki who kept the audience on their toes until the end.

IMBNET AGENCY undertook the promotion and communication part of the competition, ensuring that the event would quickly and efficiently reach the eyes and ears of all fans of the sport.

In addition, we recommended businesses from our clientele, such as Major Sponsor KLS ICE BAR and the BET GAGA company, to advertise in the contest. Their presence on the central banner, their projection on the projector, the creation of stands, brochures and kiosks contributed to their success. The businesses found there “sold out” and created fertile ground for connecting with the public through social media, developing their recognition.

We covered the event by filming and photographing every important moment, ensuring rich material for businesses for their portfolio and preparing for the 7th Hercules in 2025!

We would like to thank Kostas Stamatis and the RGNS company for the trust they have shown in us, entrusting us with the advertising of this important competition.